What people say about Elemental Yoga

Yoga is so much more than the asana poses alone. Connecting the body with mind and spirit is something that is essential in yoga practice, and is something that Amber exudes brilliantly in the Elemental Yoga videos.

More than her soothing voice, appropriate cues, and the wonderful environmental settings of the videos, Amber’s focus on the breath and meditation allows for the calming of the mind, all the while accentuating on how the “yin” postures influence meridian stimulation in our bodies, thus affecting our health.

With the connection between body, mind, and the 5 elements that make up this universe, you really feel the presence of your being in that particular moment in time. It’s so wonderful to have access to a quality practice in the comfort of my own home! Thank you Amber! Stephanie Bovis

Amber Sawyer is my personal yoga trainer for about a year and I have learnt a lot from her. She has clarity and depth in her lessons and her meditative skills is excellent mostly because she understands and practices what she learns especially in the area of Elemental Yoga.

Her humble approach and fine techniques with good research and her blending and customisation is accurate and effective. Her elemental yoga series is exemplary and is also at a new level in this field. I therefore will not hesitate to refer her to anybody who wants to learn yoga. Richard Chng

Doing yoga from the comfort of your own home… This concept is really amazing!

Amber is so gentle that you feel safe doing all the yoga postures! And the video shots were taken so beautifully, the nature background added to the calming effect!

Highly recommended for busy women like me! Audrey Agcaoili

I’m so grateful that Amber has created this beautiful set of sequences, synthesizing what she has learnt from various traditions, but all in support of the body and spirit. The sequences are gentle but effective and are a perfect way for me to wake up in the morning to a feeling of centredness and connection with myself and mother nature. Diana

I enjoyed the elemental routine. I like the slow pace stretching Karen McCurly

I find the elemental yoga easy to follow although some of the poses are challenging. Amber’s explanation is clear and informative Cecilia Chng